Nicole Pietrantoni


Single column folded as book


9 feet x 33 feet

Inkjet on Awagami Inbe Thin, folded and bound into 30 accordion books that expand to create a panoramic image.

Text written by Devon Wootten

Implications is a series of accordion books that expand to create a panoramic image of icebergs in Iceland. The text simultaneously reads as both a poem (Risk[,] Event[,] Disaster) written by Devon Wootten and an official report on climate change, Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation.

Working out of a long lineage of artists interested in the landscape, in this body of work I gesture to our active role in constructing and idealizing landscape. The installation aims to draw attention to the means of making such images by enlarging halftone dots and disrupting the image through folds, cuts, and ruptures.

Referencing 19th-century panoramas as well as the Romantic painting tradition, this work nods to a period when humans’ relationship to landscape was rapidly transformed. Similarly, today’s changing landscape demands that I examine the tension between my enjoyment of beautiful, idealized landscapes and an awareness of their ecological complexity.